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Once we collect submissions from 150 couples, we will re-launch as a searchable online collection of wedding vows that will inspire couples to write their own unique, creative, heartfelt sentiments. will inspire brides and grooms to write their own original, personal and “WOW” vows with its collection of inventive wedding vows and writing tips.

To create a special wedding day that truly reflects the two of you, think about writing your vows, what many consider the inner wedding and the heart of the day. Writing your own vows allows you to share the magical moments you’ve created together. Crafting your vows also helps you to envision your future together and outline your path forward. Through your vows, your family and friends will remember your wedding for what they discovered about you as a loving couple.

WowVows will jump-start the writing for couples by presenting a collection that reflects the ingenuity, humor and tenderness found in personal vows. Couples will find a starting point to writing their own fantastic wedding words that reflect shared experiences, values, and dreams.

WowVows invites you to share your wedding vows, photos and stories. is a crowdsourced repository and open exchange of vows that reflects the evolution of the American culture.

Laurie Selik, the creator of WowVows, began collecting wedding vows in 1988. She has since advised many couples on writing original wedding vows. Naturally, her wedding to Eric H. Roth included original vows within the context of a Reconstructionist Jewish ceremony on Venice Beach surrounded by 65 barefoot guests. (Take a peek.)

She is co-founder of Chimayo Press, an independent educational publishing company committed to publishing niche books that create compelling conversations, deepen relationships and celebrate the human spirit. Chimayo Press launched in 2005 with Compelling Conversations, an advanced level English as a Second Language (ESL) title.

Creative and versatile, Selik has participated in the production and launch of some of the nation's top public radio programs, including Marketplace, Weekend America and The Savvy Traveler. She continues to support Localore, an innovative, community-focused public media project from AIR, the Association for Independents in Radio.

In their travels, Laurie and her husband, enjoy observing other cultures - especially wedding rites.

She continues to live in Venice Beach, CA which provides geographical access to L.A.'s quirky wedding rituals, Zen rabbis, the participants, and their agents.


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