Did you write your own wedding vows?

Help create a wonderful wedding resource for couples everywhere by submitting your vows to WowVows.com.

Once we receive 150 submissions, we'll re-launch WowVows as a searchable vows database that will inspire couples to write their own unique, creative, heartfelt sentiments (like these).

It's easy—just complete a short online form. We cannot wait to read what you had to say on your big day!

If you wrote your own wedding vows, you know how enjoyable (and challenging) it was to find the right words to express your feelings.

WowVows wants to make the writing process a little easier by inspiring couples with an online collection that reflects the ingenuity, humor and tenderness found in personal vows. (We'll also feature tips on writing, editing, and rehearsing your vows.)

You can play a part in creating this resource: share your vows!

So far, we've received submissions from a diverse group of couples representing many age groups, religions, and cultures.

This is your opportunity to give couples everywhere a very special wedding gift: a shot of inspiration!


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