Laurie Selik & Eric H. Roth
Venice Beach, California
October 17, 1993

Laurie and Eric were introduced in Chicago because they were both aspiring writers moving to Los Angeles. They spent a week together in Chicago before Eric left for New York with these words, “Let’s stay in touch. It could be in your long-term strategic interest.”


Taking advantage of the bride’s relatively recent right to speak at her own wedding, I give to you, Eric, my vows.

I vow to...

Dance on the beach at sunset with you.

Fulfill your faith in my abilities.

Cherish the memories we’ve already created.

Be at your side during our future journeys and adventures in foreign places.

Listen with an open mind.

Write with you.

Make the ordinary special.

Bring smiles to your face.

Stay the path of our higher selves.

Go to garage sales with you.

Remember that desire causes suffering when I want those shoes at Neiman Marcus.

Let you be you.

To be yours.


Dear Laurie, Being here with you today, in front of family and close friends, is a great pleasure and a small surprise.

Thanks for the trust.

You’ve already opened my eyes to so many new things and so many wonders that I’m quite excited about our future.

During our many, many future years together, I vow to celebrate your successes, lessen your burdens, and protect you. I also promise to share thousands of sunset beach walks, keep exploring new places, physical and spiritual while remaining focused on deepening our love.

I’ll also delight in our differences whenever possible, accept your quirky notions at those other times, and always respect your intuition. I’ll try to satisfy all your desires, nurture your creative potential, and keep Chimayo on a leash.

Finally, hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, I invite you to a life of dancing by the light of the moon.


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